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Our Team

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Avinash Tripathi
Founder & CEO
The Human Compass: If our highbrow CEO wasn’t the vivid traveler that he is, picking up wisdom everywhere he went and using the same to direct us all towards the right track, then like nomads, we’d certainly be lost!
Swati Gupta
Co-founder & Director
The Secret Gem: With 2 years of experience working under IBM as a developer, she lends the much needed motivational spirit to the entire team; Creative Genius – No idea is too bizarre for her as she is always ready to try something unheard and unseen before.
Includes 8 (Expert coders + Web Developers)
Coffee Addicts – Most of our coding experts are unfailing machineries which run on coffee instead of fuel; New Age Builders – Responsible for laying the foundation as well as constructing a website from scratch.
Graphics & Media Team
Includes 4 (Graphic Designer + Content Writers)
Digital Stylists – Very capable of providing complete makeovers to the most drab-looking websites; Impeccable Wordsmiths – Our content writers know what words to spin to make it tick.

About US

“Rebutton” is Re-packaging, Re-shaping or Re-styling brilliant and highly creative business/commercial ideas with the flair of genius, using latest web technologies and same old keyboard buttons.
We are the creative brains behind turning website fantasies into reality.

You have a website project to realise? We can make your vision come true.

• We address the big picture as a whole as well as maintain a keen eye on the several details that make a website tick. Our multi-talented teams of web developers have successfully worked to help small and medium sized businesses attain peaks of success and fame in the past.

• Delivering excellence in the most reasonable prices with services such as web designing and maintenance, SEO and ecommerce solutions is our specialty. Our services are fret with dynamism and cutting edge technology that sets your business apart from your rivals in this competitive market. Our efforts are concentrated in aiding your company in aiming for the starts when it comes to brand building and enhancing profitability.

  • Out-Of-The-Box Innovation
  • Skill paired with Effort
  • Unstoppable Determination
  • Clients Satisfaction

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Hire Expert Web Developer @ $24.99/hour


Our Services

Website Designing/Development

Logo Designing

eCommerce Development/Solutions

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Our Focus

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